Our school conducts different events. Club activity, annual functions are the major events. Other events that are spread throughout the year like spell-bee competition, handwriting, letter writing, storytelling competition to build up the child’s self confidence and skills in public speaking. To enhance the general awareness of a child our school conducts events. Tree plantation day & educational field trips are also conducted. Events like joy of giving and grandparent’s day enhances the social awareness & moral responsibility of a child.

Annual Gathering

Our annual Gathering themes focus on creating interest and show a innovative way of encouraging students to fostering qualities like leadership, tolerance and spirit of independence. Students were sensitized on the following:

  • Save – electricity, fuel and water
  • Use paper, cloth or jute bags
  • Use solar energy
  • Grow more trees
  • Use separate bins for organic and inorganic waste
  • Stop pollution- air, water and noise
  • Prevent forest fire
  • Do not litter
  • Work together

Dahi Handi Celebration

Children of pre-school, KG and Class I celebrated Grandparent’s Day as they gave memorable moments to their grandparents by honouring them with a special programme. It was followed by a smiley drill by the children of Class Nursery, Yoga by Class KG children and Folk Dance by the Class I children. Many races were also organised for the grandparents like Generation Race, Lemon and Spoon Race and Musical Chairs. The grandparents who came first, second and third were awarded. The best dressed grandmother and grandfather were also awarded. Grandparents made beautiful and innovative cards for their grandchildren. The best 3 cards in classes Nursery, KG and Class-I were awarded too. All the grandparents were overwhelmed and happy. Overall it was a great day of bonding between the grandparents and their grandchildren.